Rare Dweller: Zachary Hale

Zachary Hale is a rare Dweller in Fallout Shelter. He has extremely high luck, generating a high possibility for caps to be received when a room’s resources are harvested. In addition, his high intelligence and Nobility Outfit make him an all around great Dweller.


Legendary Dweller: Moira Brown

Moria Brown is a Legendary Dweller in Fallout Shelter.  With great boosts in Power, Charisma, and Intelligence, she is a great all around Dweller to have in your Shelter! Appearing in Fallout 3 as the owner of Craterside Supply and later as Ghoulified Moira when Craterside is exploded, she comes back for an appearance in […]


Three Dog Dweller

Three Dog, the DJ of the Galaxy News Radio station, makes an appearance in Fallout Shelter. He is an incredible Dweller – nearly full charisma and luck, and very high overall stats. Not to mention his great outfit!