Tip: Power Plant Efficiency

3 double Power Plants produce more power than 2 triple Power Plants.  Although the triple Power Plant produces more power than a double Power Plant, it does so with taking up 3 blocks. Is this intentional, or a glitch? Sound off in the comments. Source: The data-driven minds of /u/TunderProsum and /r/Foshelter!


Tip: Merge Buildings in Fallout Shelter

It is extremely important to build a series of 3 horizontal buildings in Fallout Shelter. Doing so will merge the three (or two) rooms and grant the building a strong resource bonus! Then, upgrade the merged rooms! Tip: If you upgrade a single room, each subsequent room will NOT merge with the upgraded room until […]


Quick Tip: Pregnant Dwellers Can Work!

Pregnant Dwellers can work in your Fallout Shelter! Pregnant Dwellers will not fight fires or Radroaches, but they can still be assigned to work. By default, they will stay in living quarters buildings – so make sure to move them to utilize their labor! Fun Fact: Pregnant Dwellers will not drink alcohol in Lounge Buildings, […]


Tip: Upgrade Living Quarters

Upgrade your living quarters to increase the amount of Dwellers that can be housed in each building. This tip will save your Fallout Shelter space in the first few vertical levels, allowing you to place other resource buildings instead.