Redditor /u/work2do posted a response from Bethesda on the “Pregnant women not giving birth“. This may clear up some confusion about this annoying bug. Important: If you destroy the living quarters that the breeding started in, the pregnant women may not give birth.

Greetings Overseer!

Thank you for contacting Bethesda Technical Support. We understand you’re experiencing an issue in-game involving pregnant dwellers. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll make sure to forward this to the appropriate team for investigation.

In the meantime, other customers have reported success trying the following methods in getting their pregnant dwellers to give birth:

· Ensure there is a consistent high level of happiness
· Maintain high health levels (and low radiation levels)
· Keep the pregnant dwellers in the residential areas

Continue to try the steps above and your dwellers should be giving birth in no time!

Warm Regards,
Bethesda Technical Support